Stay Connected With Esdiac Pre-Paid Calling Card

ESDIAC App on iPhone and Android
ESDIAC App on iPhone and Android


Esdiac Pre-paid Calling Card is an easy way to keep in touch with
Friends and Family. Easy Access Using Landline to Call as Never before!

Low International Calling Rates, High Quality, No Hidden Charges,
Easy to Use, No Drop Calls and No Expiration

How It Works

Easy and Functional Steps to Connnecting your World

ESDIAC App on iPhone and Android
  • 1. Call any of the Access Number at the back of the card.
  • 2.Follow the voice prompt to choose your preffered langauge
  • 3.Entre the 16 Digits Pin Number followed by # Key.
  • 4. Enter 00 followed by the country code and the destination number, followed by a # key.

Corporate Social Responsability


Select a country to display call rates to that country.

Landline: N/A
Mobile* N/A
*Mobile prices may vary by network.


  • Where Do I Buy My Pre-Paid Card ?

You can find it at any of our Agents or partnered Retailed Store

  • Do I need Esdiac App before I can Use the Calling Card ?

No you do not need the App, Just call the access number and you can enjoy your quality call

  • Does my Calling Card Expires?

No, It does not.

  • Do you have Any Calling Card Plans?

No, we do not for now.

  • Can I load my calling card on my Esdiac App?

Yes, you can. Just go to the Account menu on the App, Click on Payment option and load your calling card on the App